Conference Center and Rental Space

The FFA Enrichment Center is a multipurpose conference, training and educational center adjoining the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), Ankeny Campus. Though the center has received and will continue to receive generous support from a multitude of valued sponsors, the shared intent of all involved has been the creation of a self-sustaining entity.

The FFA Enrichment Center is dedicated to providing a high quality learning environment and support services for educational programs and events hosted by recognized members and partners of the Iowa Agricultural Education family and organizations affiliated with Des Moines Area Community College. The FFA Enrichment Center is open and welcome to the general public.

However, the primary purpose of the FFA Enrichment Center is to help the Iowa FFA Foundation fulfill the education and development needs of the Iowa FFA Association, Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators (IAAE), Postsecondary Agricultural Students of Iowa (PAS), Iowa FFA Alumni, DMACC Agricultural Programs and DMACC Continuing Education. Scheduling preference is given to the aforementioned associations, their key business and industry supporters and like-minded organizations sharing similar mission and values. The secondary purpose of the FFA Enrichment Center is to support the public service missions by providing:

  • Accessible, functional, comfortable and competitively priced learning environments
  • Responsive, customer-oriented services
  • Assignment of meeting space and all related equipment and services
  • Instructional technology and basic technical support

The FFA Enrichment Center showcases six meeting rooms (possible 12), two large conference rooms, one communications center and a beautiful two-story lobby/exhibit hall area for rental opportunities. With approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of conference center space, groups ranging from 10-500 people can comfortably be accommodated.

The Meeting Rooms are configured in a traditional classroom format. Meeting rooms will accommodate 32 in the traditional format. Tables may be removed to accommodate up to 50 in theater style. Some adjoining breakout rooms have flexible walls to open and accommodate a larger group of 64 or up to 100 in theater style. A variety of table layouts are available, as well. The availability of utilizing all theater style rooms is dependent on additional reservations throughout the Center or requiring of client to order additional chairs at client expense. All meeting rooms are equipped with ceiling projector, screen, built in sound, white board and teaching station. Teaching stations are equipped with a basic PC computer, additional VGA cord for laptop connection, DVD player and VHS player.

The Large Conference Space can be divided into two large rooms. This space is set up with banquet round tables. When opened, this space will accommodate 480 in banquet rounds. Theater seating will accommodate 700, but the facility currently only has 480 chairs. Additional chairs may be added by user to accommodate 700. The large conference rooms include basic A/V equipment in room rental fee with separate sound systems in both large rooms. Basic A/V equipment includes: ceiling projector, 16’ x 10’ screen, VGA cables, basic sound system and four microphone set-ups: 2 wireless (lavaliere or handheld) and 2 wired.

The Communications Center is a computer lab in a standard classroom set up with 24 computer stations. It also includes basic A/V equipment. Free wireless computer access is available throughout the facility.

The Lobby/Exhibit Hall is a two-story, open, atrium-style area that serves as an informal gathering space ideal for registration, exhibits, receptions and suitable for small trade shows. Staff will work to meet programming needs while ensuring adequate traffic flow and minimizing noise disruption for all users.