The FFA Enrichment Center, owned and operated by the Iowa FFA Foundation, is a multipurpose conference, training and educational facility adjoining the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), Ankeny Campus.



The FFA Enrichment Center is dedicated to providing a high-quality learning environment and support services for educational programs and events hosted by recognized members and partners of the Iowa Agricultural Education family and organizations affiliated with Des Moines Area Community College.
The FFA Enrichment Center is open and welcome to the general public. However, the primary purpose of the FFA Enrichment Center is to help the Iowa FFA Foundation fulfill the education and development needs of the Iowa FFA Association, Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators (IAAE), Professional Agricultural Students of Iowa (PAS), Iowa FFA Alumni, and DMACC Agricultural Programs. Scheduling preference is given to these aforementioned associations, their key business and industry supporters and like-minded organizations sharing similar mission and values.

Eligibility for Use:

In addition to the previously mentioned primary users, the space and services are available to support official functions of, but not limited to contract training programs, other local, state and federal governmental agencies, educational institutions, career and technical education organizations and agribusiness. Reservations for training and business purposes will take top priority. Reservations for wedding receptions or other large celebrations are allowed within the facility. The FFA Enrichment Center reserves the right to deny use of the facility to organizations that hold values opposed to those of the Iowa FFA Foundation.


Regular office hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with extended hours from 6:00 am to midnight (based on event schedule) to accommodate rental clients. Event reservations can be made during office hours. Exceptions to set hours require approval by the FFA Enrichment Center.


The FFA Enrichment Center is closed in observation of the following eight (8) holidays.
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day
If an event must reserve the facility on a holiday, an exception to the closure may be granted by the Executive Director based on FFA Enrichment Center’s availability to provide service. Any event requiring a holiday reservation will be charged a fee 1.5 times the normal rental rates to pay for the additional costs of being open on a holiday, to include custodial services, utilities, Enrichment Center staff and any other additional costs that may pertain to a holiday reservation.


The Iowa FFA Foundation and the FFA Enrichment Center Committee reviews recommendations annually from the staff and recommends any change in rates they believe are prudent business practice. The Iowa FFA Foundation Board of Directors will review these recommendations and have final oversight of the posted rates. Once approved, updated rates will be included in this document annually as Attachment A. Any deviation from these rates will require written approval by the Executive Director.


To be able to attract and secure events, occasionally package bids will need developed. These bids will conform to standard posted rates and all policies of the FFA Enrichment Center. Rates approved by the Iowa FFA Foundation FFA Enrichment Center Committee and Board of Directors represent the maximum rate for an event. Deviation from these approved rates can occur for the competitive bid of an event, but require the written approval of the Executive Director.

Event Reservations/Scheduling Priorities:

To reserve space and/or services, contact FFA Enrichment Center staff by phone, e-mail or by stopping by the FFA Enrichment Center office. After a space/service request is received, staff will check availability for the preferred dates. If space is available, it will be put on a temporary hold for two weeks to allow time for a Rental Agreement to be processed accordingly.
Before rooms or services can be guaranteed, a Rental Agreement (including proper authorization, specific billing and key-contact information) must be completed and signed by the client. The Rental Agreement and a security deposit must be completed and returned to FFA Enrichment Center staff within 14 business days to officially reserve the rental space. If the Rental Agreement is not finalized within this period, the temporary space may be released and made available to others (see contract for date details).
The FFA Enrichment Center will have first right of refusal to schedule events in the shared and common space on the first floor of the FFA Enrichment Center. Requests from Team Ag. Ed. Partners (FFA, IAAE, PAS and Alumni) are eligible to be booked as far in advance as known. DMACC will have the ability to schedule classes and conferences up to a year in advance around the FFA/Ag Ed calendar. Requests from groups outside of Iowa Team Ag Ed and DMACC may reserve space up to one year from the event date. If additional advance booking is required by non-Team Ag. Ed. groups or individuals, the following guidelines are required.
1. Large Celebrations/Wedding may only book a maximum of 18 months in advance of their date
a. 0-12 months – Standard rental fees
b. 13-18 months in advance - Early booking fee of 50 percent rental rate added.
2. One-time events are able to rent the facility with minimum rental invoices:
a. 13-18 months in advance - minimum of $3,000 total invoice
b. 19-24 months in advance – minimum of $4,000 total invoice
3. Frequent Clients (2+ events per year) are able to rent the facility:
a. 13-24 months in advance - minimum of $2,500 invoice


The FFA Enrichment Center offers limited discounts on room rental rates only. There are not discounts offered on any items other than room rental rates (i.e. ala carte items, staging, etc). The chart below illustrates room rental discounts.
Discounts:    Group(s) 
10%               Non-Profit Groups
10%               Educational Groups
40%               Team Ag.Ed.
40%               DMACC sponsored/hosted event
100%             DMACC event
100%             FFA Foundation event
100%             Team Ag.Ed. – Meetings

Discount Eligibility:

To be eligible to receive a discount the following criteria must be fully met. Any event may only qualify for one discount – discounts cannot be grouped together (for example a non-profit educational group would at most receive one (1) 20 percent discount, not two (2) or 40 percent).


All organizations who have been given “Non-Profit Exempt” status by the United States IRS will be eligible to receive the Non-Profit Discount. Those seeking this discount must present a copy of their IRS tax determination letter to FFA Enrichment Center staff prior to signing the final rental agreement. The tax determination letter will be kept on file for future events with this organization.

Educational Group:

To receive the educational group discount, the renter must be representing a Public or Private College or University, Community College or public/parochial school district. A federal W9 form representing this organization will be required and all invoices for any rental events will be directed to this designated educational institution.

Team Ag.Ed. Events and Meetings:

Only available to Iowa FFA Alumni Association, Iowa FFA Association, Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators and Iowa PAS organizations. When a registration fee is charged for an event, the event will be charged at the 60 percent rate (40% discount). When a registration fee is not changed (i.e. Board meetings, etc.) the event will receive a 100 percent discount for room rental fees.
DMACC sponsored/hosted events:
DMACC President at his/her sole discretion is able to pre-approve events to receive a discount of up to 40 percent. When this discount is approved, FFA retains 100 percent of the rental fee and does not provide the 60/40 revenue split to DMACC. The DMACC President is waiving their invoice percentage.

 DMACC events:

As part of the agreed upon lease for the land the FFA Enrichment Center was constructed, DMACC is able to hold internal events for DMACC within the common space of the FFA Enrichment Center. These events are only for DMACC; organizations partnering with DMACC will not be eligible for this discount but would remain eligible for the 40 percent discount provided as a DMACC Sponsored/Hosted Event.

Iowa FFA Foundation events:

All events hosted by the Iowa FFA Foundation and/or FFA Enrichment Center will be reserved at the 100 percent discounted rate. Any deviation from this would require artificial inflation of both Foundation expenses and revenue – which is not in congruence with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) of the United States, which the Iowa FFA Foundation fully adopts.

Security Deposits:

Security deposits are required for all non-corporate events held at the FFA Enrichment Center. The security deposit payment is required when the Rental Agreement (Contract) is returned to the FFA Enrichment Center Events Coordinator. If the security deposit is not paid with the return of the Rental Agreement, the temporary space will be held for a maximum of five (5) additional business days. If the security deposit has not been submitted after these five (5) business days, the space hold will be released and made available to others.
Security deposits will be $250 or $750 depending on event. Security deposits are payable to the FFA Enrichment Center. Accepted methods of payment are cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover.


The total invoice for non-corporate events is due 5 business days prior to the event date. Final payments for corporate events with approved credit must be paid within 30 days of the event. A penalty of 1.5% will be charged each month the payment. All rental payments are payable to the FFA Enrichment Center. Accepted methods of payment are cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Facility Cancellation Policy:


The client must notify FFA Enrichment Center Staff in writing or by email if it becomes necessary to cancel a reservation. The following timeline and cancellation fees will apply:
Cancellation Date             Cancellation Fee
90 days prior to event         Free
61-90 days prior to event    20% of contract
31-60 days prior to event    30% of contract
16-30 days prior to event    40% of contract
05-15 days prior to event    100% of contract

Room Information:

Rooms in the facility can be rented for half day, full day or multiple days. Staff will work to schedule appropriate meeting rooms, equipment, and other services to meet the unique needs of each group served. ALL rooms are equipped with standard AV equipment. Other equipment is available a la carte. FFA Enrichment Center staff reserves the right to change the location of meeting rooms to meet daily operational requirements (with respectful notification and still meeting individual needs).
Accommodating requests for different room set-up is limited by the configuration of the room. Sample layouts are available from the FFA Enrichment Center staff. All final set-ups are required two weeks prior to the event date or upon immediate booking if with two weeks of the event date. Additional fees may be charged for changing layout(s) within 48 hours of the event.
The Large Conference Space can be divided into two large rooms. This space is set up with banquet rounds. When combined, this space accommodates up to 480 in banquet rounds. A separate sound system with ceiling speakers is located in both large rooms. Each zone includes a large motorized projector and projection screen. Theater seating will accommodate 700. Extra chairs may be rented from a third-party vendor by renter.
The Meeting Rooms are configured in a traditional classroom format with instructor stations, whiteboards, projector wall screens, ceiling mounted projector and table/chairs. Meeting rooms will accommodate 32 in the traditional classroom format. Tables may be removed to accommodate up to 50 in theater style. Some adjoining meeting rooms have flexible walls to open and accommodate a larger group of 64 or up to 100 in theater style.
The Communications Center currently holds a computer lab in standard classroom set up with 24 available computers. Free wireless computer access is available throughout the facility.
The Expo Hall is a two-story open area that serves as an informal gathering space ideal for registration, exhibits, receptions and suitable for small trade shows. Staff will work to meet programming needs while ensuring adequate traffic flow and minimizing noise disruption for all users.
For more options on equipment or services, please request an a la carte options handout. If other equipment or services are needed beyond what the FFA Enrichment Center can provide, these items may be rented through a third-party vendor with approval of FFA Enrichment Center staff. Equipment brought in or rented is solely the renter’s responsibility and the FFA Enrichment Center or DMACC will be liable if lost, broken or stolen. All outside equipment must be removed immediately following the event.

Table and Chair Inventory:

The FFA Enrichment Center provides basic tables and chairs to be used during events. FFA Enrichment Center staff will try to accommodate room setups for all rental parties the day of their event and will provide a list of event rental companies to handle frequent additional needs clients may have. The following list is the FFA Enrichment Center’s inventory of chairs and tables:
Black Chairs (22” W, 13” L, & 32” Tall) – Conference Room: 480, Meeting Rooms: 32/room
Round tables (5’ diameter) – 60
Classroom desks – 96
6’ tables – 30
8’ tables – 6


The FFA Enrichment Center allows “open catering” to all licensed caterers. A list of “Preferred Caterers” will be provided to renters. Our “Preferred Caterers” are familiar with the facility and our policies and provide excellent services, but renters are under no obligation to utilize the services of those Preferred Caterers. Any group wishing to bring its own food to the Center must sign a hold-harmless waiver provided by the FFA Enrichment Center.

Catering Arrangements:

Arrangements for all catering details are to be made directly between the renting party and the caterer.
Catering Cancellations:
Cancellations regarding catering and food service are to be handled directly with the caterer; individual caterers’ policies will apply.


The FFA Enrichment Center allows clients to supply food and beverage for their own events based on their individual needs. While this may not be practical for some events, others may deem this appropriate for their needs. (i.e. supplying a bag of pretzels or candies for a strategic planning session or a parent making potato salad for a graduation party). The FFA Enrichment Center charges a fee based on the volume of attendees to allow this service. The fee structure is as follows:
Estimated Attendance                      Fee 
0-50 guests (Classroom                     $   25
51-200 (Single Conference Room)   $ 250
201+ (Combined Conference Room) $500
This fee allows renters the use of FFA Enrichment Center kitchen, coolers, ice and supplies. Self catered events must abide by the same cleanliness and use guidelines as events professional catered.

Catering Fees:

Our “Preferred Caterers” are charged 10% of their client billing to cater at the FFA Enrichment Center. Licensed caterers that are not part of our “Preferred Caterers” list will be charged 18% of their client billing. This allows the FFA Enrichment Center to offer multiple catering options to our clients. This cost covers the use of the kitchen and facility.
Caterer Status                                    Fee 
Preferred Status                                  10%
No Preferred Status                            18%
All caterers who have catered at the facility will be sent an invoice at the end of each month for their business at the FFA Enrichment Center. Payment will be due on the 15th of the following month. (Ex. February’s business payment will be due the 15th of March.)

Preferred Catering Applications:

The FFA Enrichment Center limits its list of Preferred Caterers and all applicants undergo extensive review by FFA Enrichment Center staff. 

Requirements of Preferred Caterers
As the Preferred Caterers and the FFA Enrichment Center enter into a partnership together to provide exceptional service to our clients, there are a few requirements caterers are expected to follow.
1. All caterers are required to place the FFA Enrichment Center’s logo on their catering website showing that they are a Preferred Caterer of the Center. The logo will need to be placed on the Caterers’ website starting on January 1 to December 31 of the designated year. Logos may be placed early; however, if removed from the Annual Preferred Caterer list, the logo must be removed on within five (5) business days of December 31.
2. All Catering Guidelines provided below must be followed at every event.
3. Caterers must check in with FFA Enrichment Center staff two (2) weeks prior to the event for confirmations and arrival times. (If the event is booked with less than two weeks from the start of the event, the caterer must contact FFA Enrichment Center staff as soon as possible.)
4. Give the client a positive experience to reflect an enjoyable and pleasant experience at the FFA Enrichment Center and with the caterer.
5. Remit 10% of the client’s invoice to the FFA Enrichment Center on time monthly. Copies of the catering invoices for each event must be submitted to FFA Enrichment Center staff within 5 business days of the event.
Caterers that fail to complete any of the listed items will receive one written performance warning. If negative performance should continue, said Caterer not following these requirements will immediately have their “Preferred” status revoked for the remainder of the annual year and will not be eligible to apply to be on the Preferred list for one annual year. If a third issue arises regarding any policy or procedure, the caterer will be not be allowed to cater at the FFA Enrichment Center for one year from the date of the third infraction. Any caterer that violates these policies and procedures will not be refunded any fees paid to the FFA Enrichment Center.

Catering Kitchen Use Guidelines:

All caterers/renting parties must adhere by the following guidelines:
1) All users must sign in with FFA Enrichment Center Staff upon arrival
2) Kitchen must be returned to the state in which you found it
3) Wipe down all surfaces and appliances used including sinks, prep tables, refrigerator, freezer and warmers using cleaning materials provided by the FFA Enrichment Center
4) Sweep and mop the floor
5) Remove all trash, leftover food and personal belongings
6) Remove all alcohol and containers at the conclusion of the event
The FFA Enrichment Center is not liable for any injuries incurred while using the catering kitchen. Caterers and the renting party that fail to complete any of the listed items, and/or damage to any of our appliances or equipment and/or missing/stolen items from the kitchen area will result in an appropriate fee for the client to be determined by FFA Enrichment Center staff. This additional fee will be deducted from the client’s security deposit. The FFA Enrichment Center notes the client may choose to seek reimbursement of this fee from the caterer depending on the circumstances. The FFA Enrichment Center is not liable for any injuries incurred while caterer and/or renting party is/are using the catering kitchen.

FFA Enrichment Center Snack & Beverage Service:

The FFA Enrichment Center can cater a limited availability of snacks and beverages for clients.
Small Snack Basket: $25 per basket (assorted chips, trail mix, crackers, granola bars, cookies and treats)
Large Snack Basket: $45 per basket (assorted chips, trail mix, crackers, granola bars, cookies and treats)
Soda/Pop/Bottled Water: The FFA Enrichment Center as part of the DMACC campus services Pepsi products. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Diet Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist and bottled water.
Teas & Lemonade: The FFA Enrichment Center serves hot tea and iced tea. Hot water with an assortment of premium teas are available for service at any event. In addition, iced tea and lemonade is also available in 1.5, 3 and 5-gallon quantities. Iced tea and lemonade service include cups, napkins and other items needed for service.
Coffee: The FFA Enrichment Center serves coffee (both standard and decaffeinated) in 1.5, 3 and 5-gallon quantities to our guests. Coffee service include cups, lids, cup sleeves, stirrers, an assortment of sugars and creamers and items needed to consume the beverage.

FFA Enrichment Center AdHoc additions:

The FFA Enrichment Center offers limited availability of additional items for clients to make their events easier. The list of these items is attached as Attachment B.
FFA Enrichment Center Alcohol Policy:
(1) All state laws and local statutes regarding the possession, use and distribution of alcohol must be observed by all parties utilizing the Iowa FFA Foundation and/or the FFA Enrichment Center.
(2) Only those persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages shall be served. Any individual may be asked to provide identification. It is the solely the renter’s obligation to ensure the legal age of all who are served.
(3) No alcohol shall be served at student-sponsored events.
(4) Independent contractors may, upon sufficient proof of a liquor license and dram shop insurance in good standing, and the execution of a defend and hold harmless agreement to the Iowa FFA Foundation’s and/or the FFA Enrichment Center’s and Des Moines Area Community College’s benefit, sell and serve alcoholic beverages. The FFA Enrichment Center is a division of the Iowa FFA Foundation
(5) In the absence of such coverage as described in (4) above, beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages may only be served on a complimentary basis.
(6) Beer is allowed to be served in aluminum cans or in a keg. No bottles or other container shall be allowed for the sale or consumption of beer
(7) All events at which alcoholic beverages are sold or served must be approved in advance in writing by the FFA Enrichment Center. Such authorization shall in no way constitute an admission of the Iowa FFA Foundation’s and/or the FFA Enrichment Center’s or Des Moines Area Community College’s liability or responsibility for claims which may arise out of such sale or service.
(8) Whenever alcoholic beverages are served, non-alcoholic beverages also should be available.
(9) Events which alcohol will be served -- require additional security, at the renter’s expense, contracted through Securitas provider for Des Moines Area Community College and arranged through the FFA Enrichment Center at a rate of $50 per hour.
(10) Any violation of this policy will result in prosecution under Iowa law when applicable, as well as disciplinary action by the Iowa FFA Foundation and/or the FFA Enrichment Center as deemed appropriate by the Iowa FFA Foundation Board of Directors.
(11) All alcohol and containers must be removed by the renter at the conclusion of the event at which it is served. The renter must provide supervision of alcohol at all times. The FFA Enrichment Center is not responsible for any alcohol.

Event Liability Insurance:

A certificate of liability insurance is required for all events where alcohol is present and/or for large events, as requested by FFA Enrichment Center staff and such certificate shall be provided to the FFA Enrichment Center. The certificate of liability insurance should name FFA Enrichment Center, Iowa FFA Foundation, and Des Moines Area Community College as additional insureds for the period of time the facility is being used and must cover General Liability/Personal Liability for $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) per occurrence. The certificate of liability insurance must be received by FFA Enrichment Center staff at least 48 hours prior to the event.
The Renter is liable for any damage done to the FFA Enrichment Center or equipment during their rental period.
Instructions for providing liability insurance:
1. Contact your insurance company (or an insurance company if you don’t already have one).
2. Ask them to provide a Certification of Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars). Insurance plans or umbrella policies often offer this at no charge or at a nominal charge.
3. Name the FFA Enrichment Center, 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny, Iowa 50023, the Iowa FFA Foundation and Des Moines Area Community College as additional insureds for the date of the event for General Liability and any other coverages available or required.
4. Should you choose to have a caterer, please have them complete and provide a Certificate of Liability as well, and name the FFA Enrichment Center, the Iowa FFA Foundation, and Des Moines Area Community College as additional insureds for the date of the event.
5. Completed certificates can be e-mailed to [email protected] or faxed to (515)965-7373, and must be received by FFA Enrichment Center staff before the event.


The orderly behavior of attendees is the responsibility of the renter according to full compliance with the rules and regulations. The renter assumes full responsibility of attendees and any hired entertainment.
Renter are responsible for restitution of all damages to the FFA Enrichment Center inflicted by their group. Both willful and accidental damages will be accessed and brought to the attention of the FFA Enrichment Center staff. Staff will complete a damage report including event, event date, detailed description of damage (with pictures) and a repair/replacement estimate for each accident where the security deposit will be withheld.

Indemnity; Limitation on Liability:

Renter hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Iowa FFA Foundation and Des Moines Area Community College and their respective officials, officers, directors, agents, employees, successors and assigns from and against any and all claims, damages, expenses, costs (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) and liabilities (collectively, “Claims”) arising or alleged to arise from (i) any breach of this Contract by Renter, (ii) any alleged or actual violation or infringement by Renter or its employees, agents, or contractors of any copyright or other intellectual property right of a third party in connection with the event or activities occurring at the event, (iii) the use or occupancy of the FFA Enrichment Center by Renter, its directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, exhibitors, invitees, guests or patrons, and (iv) the acts or omissions, or violation of any applicable law, rule, regulation or order, of or by Renter or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, exhibitors, invitees, guests or patrons. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the obligations of Renter in this paragraph shall not apply to the extent claims arise out of the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the Iowa FFA Foundation or Des Moines Area Community College or their employees or agents.
But for ADA compliance as specified herein below, the FFA Enrichment Center makes no warranty or representation to Renter of any kind, express or implied, regarding the suitability of or compliance with applicable laws by the premises, or any portion thereof, for any aspect of the use Renter expects or intends to make of the premises.
Renter agrees that the premises shall be delivered by the FFA Enrichment Center to the Renter “AS IS” and “WITH ANY AND ALL FAULTS” and without warranty, express or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for the use thereof for any particular purpose.
The FFA Enrichment Center shall not be liable under any circumstances to the Renter or to any third party for any indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages, or loss of revenue or profits, arising in connection with this Contract, even if the Iowa FFA Foundation or Des Moines Area Community College has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Furthermore, the FFA Enrichment Center shall not be responsible or liable for any injury or death to person or loss or damages to property sustained by Renter, its employees, agents, exhibitors, contractors, or any other person claiming through Renter resulting from any condition, accident or occurrence in or upon the premises, unless such injury loss or damage is due to the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the Iowa FFA Foundation or Des Moines Area Community College or their employees or agents.
This Indemnity; Limitation on Liability section shall survive any expiration or termination of this Contract.
Allowable Signs/Decorations:
All decorations must be approved and coordinated in advance with FFA Enrichment Center staff.
Signs and/or decorations will not be allowed to be attached or hung on the walls or ceilings unless pre-approved materials are used and approved by FFA Enrichment Center staff.
Painters’ tape and Post-It flip chart pages are the only items that may be affixed to the wall.
Nails, hooks, tacks, screws, bolts and Command Hooks may not be used on any surface, wall, floor, or furnishings at the FFA Enrichment Center.
Helium balloons, confetti, glitter, fog machines and bubble machines will never be permitted as decorations in the FFA Enrichment Center.
All posters and banners for outside use must be pre-approved by FFA Enrichment Center staff.
All candles must be enclosed in a hurricane, votive, or floating in water.All decorations must be cleaned up and removed at the end of the event.
The FFA Enrichment Center does not permit any deliveries to be made to the facility prior to the event date due to lack of storage space and liability concerns. All deliveries arriving prior to the event date will be refused. The FFA Enrichment Center cannot assume any responsibility for items left by the caterer, rental company or client.
Closure of Premises/Weather Related Closures/Unforeseen Circumstances:
In the event of impossibility of performance due to strikes, accidents, acts of God including, but not limited to, extreme winter weather and tornadoes, government regulation, civil disorder, curtailment or other emergencies that make it illegal, impossible, or extremely ill-advised to provide the FFA Enrichment Center facilities, this Contract will be terminated and the FFA Enrichment Center would only be liable for repayment of the deposit.
In the event of weather-related closures in the area that do not make the FFA Enrichment Center’s performance illegal, impossible, or extremely ill-advised, upon the wishes of the client, the planned events will still be held as scheduled.
If the event must be postponed by the Renter due to an emergency situation, the event may be rescheduled without penalty on a space available basis. In such a case:
Damage/Security Deposit will be transferred to the new booking
Cancellations of postponed or rescheduled events will be subject to cancellation policy
FFA Enrichment Center/DMACC is not liable for any costs incurred by the client as a result of postponement, rescheduling, or cancellation

Tobacco Policy:

The FFA Enrichment Center is a Tobacco Free facility. This facility is on DMACC property, therefore smoking is not allowed in cars, parking lots or outside of the facility. Individuals must leave the DMACC grounds to smoke.


Free parking is available to guests. Parking at FFA Enrichment Center is based on space availability. There are several free parking lots nearby the center within walking distance in case of over-flow parking needs. Fire, traffic and public safety requirements must be observed. Security is available all hours of the day. The number for DMACC security is 515-964-6500.

ADA Accessibility:

This facility is ADA compliant. Every effort will be made to accommodate accessibility needs.